1814.098: Fiery-Flying Serpent Slander and Brazen Serpent Charity delineated.

Published: 1814

Full Title: The fiery-flying serpent slander, and the brazen serpent charity, delineated: or, A saint and a slanderer as opposite as the ancient of days and the Genius of darkness. Being a selection from vocabularies, digest of laws, and approved authors upon divinity, both French and English, to restrain slander and promote charity. By Richard Ferguson, minister of the gospel in the M. E. C.

Author: Ferguson, Richard.

Place Issued: Winchester

Issuing Press: Jonathan Foster

Description: 252 pgs.; 16 cm. (12mo).


Imprint states: "Winchester, Va. Printed by Jonathan Foster, for the publisher, 1814." Text does not indicate whether the publisher was also Ferguson or not.

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