1814.095: Correct Account of the Conduct of the Baltimore Mob.

Published: 1814

Full Title: A Correct account of the conduct of the Baltimore mob, by Gen. by Henry Lee, one of the sufferers. Published by a particular friend, C.B. To which is prefixed an introductory detail of the circumstance, substantiated by many concurrent evidences

Author: Lee, Henry (1756-1818), et al.

Place Issued: Winchester

Issuing Press: John Heiskell

Description: 20 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Title is purportedly a first-hand account of the assault on the Baltimore office of the Federal Republican published by Alexander Contee Hanson (1786-1819); Hanson had denounced the declaration of war against Great Britain in June 1812, leading to the destruction of his office by an anti-Federalist mob; he rebuilt his office and started publishing his paper again on July 28th, under the protection of an armed guard of supporters, among them the author of this title, Henry "Light-Horse Harry" Lee; the mob again laid siege to his office but were repulsed by gunfire; by the following morning, July 29th, the county sheriff had taken Hanson and his defenders into protective custody; but once jailed, some of the mob found their way into the jail and beat the publisher and his entourage, permanently injuring Lee and others. Hanson then removed his paper to Georgetown {D.C.} and published there throughout the war. This account draws on a personal narrative from Lee added to extracts from a pro-Federalist tract issued in September 1812 (An exact and authentic narrative of the events which took place in Baltimore, on the 27th and 28th of July last); Heiskell published this pamphlet in July 1814, in the period of a Federalist campaign to gather public support for ending the war after the fall of Napoleon, an effort that was derailed shortly after this work issued by the British raid on Washington and Baltimore in August 1814.

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