1814.057: Speech of John C. Calhoun in Congress in January 1814.

Published: 1814

Full Title: Speech delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States, on the [blank] day of January, 1814, on a bill making further provision for filling the ranks of the regular army, encouraging enlistments, and authorising the re-enlistments, for longer periods, of men whose terms of service are about to expire. By Mr. Calhoun, of South-Carolina.

Author: Calhoun, John Caldwell (1782-1850).

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Corse & Rounsavell

Description: 12 pgs.; 20 cm. (12mo).


Calhoun spoke briefly to counter assertions made by Federalist opponents to this bill that a defensive war could not and should not entail offensive operations, as was then happening on the Niagara and Detroit frontiers with Canada; rather such operations diverted British men and materiel from the American seacoast, so aiding in its defense. Calhoun delivered this speech sometime after Daniel Webster's on January 14th (1814.056), but before debate resumed on the bill on January 17th, when opponents made references to it in their remarks; however, the official record does not report the text of any of Calhoun's comments in those days; Rounsavell served as a reporter of Congressional debates at this time, so this likely is his transcription of Calhoun's words, though with loss of date delivered. The firm of Corse & Rounsavell then published the Republican-oriented Alexandria Herald

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