1813.060: Speech of Silas Stow in Congress on January 14, 1813.

Published: 1813

Full Title: Speech of the Hon. Mr. Stow, in the House of Representatives of the United States. Delivered the 14th January, 1813. On the bill in addition to the act entitled "An act to raise an additional military force," and for other purposes.

Author: Stow, Silas (1773-1827), of New York.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Snowden & Simms

Description: 12 pgs.


Herein, the Republican Stow attempted to cool the flames fanned by the rhetoric exhibited in the debate of this bill, as evinced by the speeches of Josiah Quincy (1813.057), Henry Clay (1813.058), and James Emott (1813.059); he argued that the divisions seen in the Congress were not the result of foreign influences, but that they were detrimental to the survival of the country, generating a climate where it would allow "anarchy and tyranny [to] ensue." Despite the heated Federalist protests, the bill passed on January 29th (Chap. XVI of Acts of Twelfth Congress, Second session).

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