1813.035: Circular reporting Proceedings of Salem Lodge no. 81.

Published: 1813

Full Title: (Circular.) Richmond, May 11, 1813. The master of Lodge no. [b;ank]. Worshipful sir and brother, at a meeting of Lodge no. 81 ...

Author: Freemasons. Grand Lodge of Virginia.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John Warrock

Description: [2 pgs.]; 24.5 cm.


Circular letter signed in manuscript by William H. Fitzwhylsonn, the Richmond bookseller who was then grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of Virginia. Sheet lacks colophon; from 1811 onward, the Grand Lodge of Virginia engaged John Warrock (of Richmond Lodge no. 10) as their official, though uncredited printer, so attribution here.

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