1812.115: Governor's Correspondence with the Secretary of War.

Published: 1812

Full Title: [Governor's Correspondence with the Secretary of War].

Author: -----

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: Unrecorded (11 pgs. in House journal).


Gov. Barbour enclosed two sets of documents with his annual message to the Assembly (1812.114); this title was the set labelled "A" and ordered printed on December 3, 1812; some of those items had been printed previously as circulars distributed within the state; Contents includes: No. 1: Letter to the lieutenant commandants of regiments of March 31, 1812 (Circular Letter concerning the Distribution of Public Arms: 1812.037); No. 2: Letter from secretary of war of April 15, 1812; No. 3: General orders of April 19, 1812 (General Orders to Militia: 1812.039); No. 4: Letter from the governor to secretary of war of April 17, 1812; No. 5: Letter from the secretary of war of April 30, 1812; No. 6: Letter to secretary of war of May 19, 1812; No. 7: Letter to commandants of regiments of June 25, 1812 (Letter of Governor covering Proclamation of War with Great Britain: 1812.045); No. 8: General orders of July 22, 1812, with Letter from secretary of war of July 18, 1812; No. 9: Letter from the secretary of war of Sept. 1, 1812; No. 10: general orders of Sept. 3, 1812. Swem mistaken included "Letter from William Duane to governor, re: Handbook for infantry & Handbook for riflemen" in contents of this document set; that item was part of a second set of eight documents accompanying the governor's message, labeled "B," that were not ordered printed by the House Speaker No copy known extant; Pleasants was ordered to print 250 copies of this set of documents for the use of the Assembly in its deliberations, so the attribution here.

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