1812.111: Petition seeking Incorporation of Mechanics’ Bank at Richmond.

Published: 1812

Full Title: To the honorable the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, The petition of sundry inhabitants of the City of Richmond, town of Manchester, and their vicinity, being artists in some mechanical calling, or friends to the arts and industry: Humbly sheweth ...

Author: Inhabitants of Richmond and Manchester.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 32 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


Text of this petition was also printed as the introduction to an essay on the relationship of state banks and promoting the growth of domestic manufactures published by Henry Banks shortly before this Assembly session met (1812.060); title reported above taken from that imprint rather than from shorter version offered by Hummel. As this particular Assembly was preoccupied with meeting war-time exigencies, all such petitions were rejected out of hand during the session, this one on the same day that it was received by the House of Delegates. Sheet lacks colophon; only known copy in the state archives at the Library of Virginia is dated in manuscript December 5, 1812, indicating the date it was received and rejected by House. As this petition was also in the Banks title, it is likely that this sheet was printed by Augustine Davis, who both invested in banks and published that essay; still, it is more than possible that another Richmond press printed this broadside, hence the indeterminacy here.

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