1812.105: Poems on Several Occasions by a Young Man.

Published: 1812

Full Title: Poems on several occasions by a young man, formerly attached to the squadron under the command of Commodore S. Decatur.

Author: Young man formerly attached to command of Stephen Decatur.

Place Issued: Winchester

Issuing Press: John Heiskell

Description: 54 pgs.


Dedicated [p. 3] to William Wirt (1772-1834) in honor of his Letters of the British Spy (1803). Imprint lacks date; title was recorded twice by Shaw & Shoemaker with supplied dates of 1810 (no. 1162) and 1812 (no. 26488); with John Heiskell stated as the printer, 1801 is clearly wrong, as he did not assume control of his brother William's Winchester press until early 1811; as this item could have then issued from his press any time before 1823, this Index entry supplies an 1812 date to conform with the later Shaw & Shoemaker entry.

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