1812.100: Cosmogenia.

Published: 1812

Full Title: Cosmogenia, containing, Prime. An illustration that gravitation and projectile force considered as abstract powers, are insufficient to preserve solar systems in existence. 2. That this world was not made of nothing, nor of the eternal and imaginary atoms of Epicurus. 3. That nature or matter originated of spirit. 4. Lines of distinction between the natural and spiritual worlds. 5. That all worlds now existing, whether natural or spiritual, shall continue through endless duration. 6. That all things existing, whether in the natural or spiritual worlds, possess figure or shape. 7. That the Supreme Being possesses the most perfect figure of a man, notwithstanding is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. 8. The manner in which God made the worlds. 9. The origin of the whites, blacks, and copper-coloured of the human race. By the Rev. Hugh White, A.M.

Author: White, Hugh, Rev., of Charlottesville.

Place Issued: Staunton

Issuing Press: Isaac Collett

Description: 36 pgs.; 21 cm (12mo).


In his introduction [p. 4], White writes that this treatise was "meant as congenial with the divinity and philosophy of the New Jerusalem Church, as explained by that illustrious luminary, Baron Emanual [sic] Swedenborg," making this the earliest known Swedenborgian title published in Virginia.

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