1812.099: The Bible Federalist.

Published: 1812

Full Title: The Bible federalist or A brief exhibition of the divine system of morality. As the only foundation of civil policy; and the alone guarantee of human liberty, social happiness, and the rights of man. In contrast with the miserable and destructive immoral systems of political infidelity. … Number First.

Author: -----

Place Issued: Staunton

Issuing Press: Gavin Miller

Description: 46 p. 20 cm.


First and only title issued in planned series of political pamphlets intended to promote civic policy based on Biblical canons and not on Enlightenment philosophy. Text on verso of title page [unnumbered} details Miller's plan: "The publisher proposes to continue this work in several successive numbers. He requests the patronage of a generous publick. Three numbers exclusive of the first, are nearly ready for the press. Communications on the subject of Bible policy, or Divine institutions, will be very acceptable to the publisher, and shall be treated with special attention. If sent post paid to the post-office at Staunton." "No. 1. An introductory preface, treating of the origenal [sic] rise and progress of human misery in the present life. Second. A political address on the Bible, Rights of man composed for the 4rh of July. No. 2. A brief essay on liberty, natural, moral, civil and religeous [sic]. And will be published as soon as can be convenient." Miller had trained at the Henkel Press in New Market, and the tone of the text here reflects the conservative religious views of their imprints, but presented in English, not German; this title is only one known published independently by Miller.

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