1812.068: The Republican Crisis.

Published: 1812

Full Title: The Republican crisis: or, An exposition of the political Jesuitism of James Madison, president of the United States of America. By an observant citizen of the District of Columbia

Author: An Observant Citizen of the District of Columbia

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 56 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Text encapsulates position of anti-war Republicans opposed to the War of 1812; argument advanced suggests that in forcing a confrontation with Great Britain for political reasons, Madison was incapable of pursuing the war pragmatically or forging a diplomatic solution; so author supported DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828) as a more capable presidential candidate at this time of crisis; this perspective led to a loose alliance between anti-war Republicans in the Northeast and Federalists generally, who deferred to the Republican Clinton as the anti-administration candidate in the 1812 presidential election. Imprint reports place of issue only; item most likely issued from Federalist press of Samuel Snowden, given its anti-administration and anti-war content; but the possibility that another press there was employed to print this item cannot be dismissed, so the indeterminacy here. Title is widely ascribed to Clinton, as it advances his views; but as text discusses Clinton as an alternative to Madison. and as he was then serving, simultaneously, as lieutenant governor of New York and as mayor of New York City, it seems obvious that he was not the "Observant citizen of the District of Columbia" credited on the title page herein.

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