1812.055: Sermon by Conrad Speece on Day for Humiliation and Prayer.

Published: 1812

Full Title: A sermon, delivered at Peterville Church, on Thursday, August 20, 1812: being the day appointed by the president of the United States for public humiliation and prayer, on account of the war with England. By Conrad Speece.

Author: Speece, Conrad (1776-1836).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Blagrove & Trueheart

Description: 16 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Speece dedicated this sermon to the Rev. John H. Rice, the noted Presbyterian evangelical publisher; this service was remarkable as Speece, also a Presbyterian, preached this sermon in a Baptist church; the Peterville Baptist (now gone) was in Powhatan County. The firm of Blagrove & Trueheart was formed after printer John O. Lynch died unexpectedly in August 1812; Trueheart trained under Lynch, and now backed by Blagrove, registrar of the state land office, he had acquired Lynch's office from his master's estate by October 1813, when this title was published.

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