1811.036: A Statement of Certain Facts alluded to by John Wood.

Published: 1811

Full Title: A statement of certain facts alluded to by Mr. John Wood, in his advertisement of yesterday in the Virginia Patriot.

Author: Girardin, Louis Hue (1771-1825).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 28 pgs.; 16 cm. (16mo).


At this time, Girardin was the principal of Richmond's Hallerian Academy; a French émigré with ties to Republican circles in Virginia, he was a former court librarian turned educator; later, he would become editor of the capital's first successful daily newspaper, the Richmond Compiler. Shortly before the exchange intimated here (July 1811), Girardin was compelled to fire his mathematics instructor, John Wood; he had been charged with erratic and offensive behavior in the classroom, as well as deviating from the agreed curriculum, and was relieved of his teaching duties. He was an English émigré writer and polymath with ties to Virginia's Federalist circles as a result of his employment as editor of the Virginia Gazette of Augustine Davis (1802-05); thus Wood responded by attacking Girardin, personally and professionally, in the pages of Davis's paper, now called the Virginia Patriot. Girardin responded in kind in the Virginia Argus of Samuel Pleasants, so adding to the ongoing conflict between those two partisan journals. Wood eventually removed to Petersburg to conduct his own school there, as well as edit that town's first daily newspaper, echoing Girardin's employments. Only known copy of this pamphlet is held by the Virginia Historical Society, though the bulk of the Girardin/Wood exchange can be readily found in the newspapers of their supporters. Title lacks an imprint; given Girardin's ongoing relationship with Pleasants and the Argus, this item undoubtedly issued from his press as well, so the attribution here.

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