1810.109: Sketches & Propositions.

Published: 1810

Full Title: Sketches & propositions, recommending the establishment of an independent system of banking; permanent public roads, a new mode for the recovery of interest on private loans, changes at the penitentiary, and a general system of defence, with some observations necessary to illustrate these several topics. By Henry Banks. Read before you condemn.

Author: Banks, Henry (1761-1833).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas P. Manson

Description: 65 p. 21 cm.


Banks was a former legislator who was long a part of the Republican leadership circle in Richmond, as well as a brother to Gerard Banks, the Republican editor, and Linn Banks, future Speaker of the House of Delegates; he had been at the center of the heated polemics unleashed by the dismissal of John Clarke as superintendent of the state's manufactory of arms, publishing a lengthy documentary defense of the legislature in his Compendious View of the Establishment & Operations of the Manufactory of Arms (1809.018); this continues his published commentaries on the deliberations of the General Assembly. Imprint lacks date; content herein addresses the agenda of the December 1810 Assembly, particularly the petitions submitted seeking the establishment of a branch of the Bank of Virginia at Lynchburg (see 1810.094, 1810.095, 1810.096), so it could not have been issued before the session began on December 3rd; Banks refers to this pamphlet in his Observations on Establishing an Independent System of Banking (1811.025), dated January 1, 1811; that chronology identifies this title as an 1810 imprint.

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