1810.105: The Quakers’ Memorial.

Published: 1810

Full Title: [The Quakers’ memorial].

Author: Society of Friends in Virginia.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: Unrecorded


A petition and memorial asking relief from militia service requirements and the fines levied for evading such obligations on religious grounds; a continuing issue for those denominations with conscience-based objections to mandatory military service; this missive was consigned to committee and left unacted upon during this Assembly session. No copy known extant; Swem recorded title from order to Pleasants on December `13, 1810, to print 250 copies for the use of the Assembly in its deliberations, so the attribution here; yet content can only be discerned from published proceedings of this session in Pleasants's Virginia Argus, and not from Swem's bibliography or the official record.

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