1810.104: Letter from Justice William Nelson to Governor Tyler.

Published: 1810

Full Title: [Letter from William Nelson, one of the judges of the general court, addressed to the governor, Nov. 30, 1810, stating the suggestions, adopted at a conference of judges, relative to changes in the law touching witnesses in trials, the use of escheats and fines, and the definition of murder in the first degree, and asking the governor to present such suggestions to the legislature].

Author: Nelson, William Jr. (1760–1813), justice.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 2 pgs.; (fol.).


Letter was submitted with governor's annual message to the Assembly (1810.103), adding to a broad discussion in this session about major changes to the state's judiciary; Pleasants was ordered to print 250 copies of this letter for the use of the Assembly in those deliberations. Nelson was the son of the colonial-era council president, William Sr. (1711-72) and brother of the Revolutionary-era governor, Thomas Nelson (1738-89); at this time, he was the senior judge of Virginia's General Court, having been appointed in 1791.

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