1810.092: Hening's Statutes at Large, Volume 2.

Published: 1810

Full Title: The statutes at large. Being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the legislature, in the year 1619. Published pursuant to an act of the General Assembly of Virginia, passed on the fifth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and eight. Volume II. … 1660-1682. Historical documents from 1660 to 1682.

Author: Hening, William Waller (1768-1828), comp.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 612 pgs.; 22cm. (8vo).


In February 1808, after two decades of sporadic discussion, the General Assembly authorized publication of the colonial-era laws of Virginia in a series of volumes edited by William Waller Hening, then clerk of the High Court of Chancery; this second volume was printed in the fall of 1810, but not issued until January 1811 as Hening was only allowed to charge the state for one volume per year, and he had been paid for volume I in early 1810. Hening's project ran to 13 volumes, covering the statutes enacted from 1619 to 1792; but it also took 15 years to complete as result of financial issues, unexpected changes in printers, and missing certification documents: volume I issued in January 1810 (1809.034), volume II issued in January 1811 (this item), volume III in February 1813 (1812.108), volume IV in 1816 (1814.105), volumes V & VI in 1819 (1819.040 & 1819.041), volume VII in 1820 (1820.043), volumes VIII & IX in 1821; volume X in 1821, and finally volumes XI, XII & XIII in 1823. The Early American Imprints Series filmed the first six volumes under the entry number used by Shaw & Shoemaker for volume I (19121).

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