1810.051: Glencarn, or The Disappointments of Youth.

Published: 1810

Full Title: Glencarn; or, The disappointments of youth, a novel by George Watterston, Esq. Author of the Lawyer, etc. … Two Volumes in One.

Author: Watterston, George (1783-1854).

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Cottom & Stewart

Description: 134 pgs. + 132 pgs. (266 pgs. total); 18 cm. (12mo).


Watterston, who later became the Librarian of Congress, has been styled as "Washington's first full-time man of letters" in his official biography; he was the first person to hold that position exclusive of the clerkship of the House of Representatives, and served in that post from 1815 to 1829, when he was removed by Andrew Jackson for his Whig proclivities; as a result, Watterston was the librarian who rebuilt the Library of Congress after its destruction by the British in 1814, for the most part by managing and organizing the 1815 purchase of Jefferson's library; throughout this all, Watterston wrote and published prose and poetry, this title being his first novel, the only one he did not publish in Washington proper. Item has a distinct title page for each volume, though typography of each differs only in the volume number; the whole is paged continuously.

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