1809.073: Address to Freeholders of Ohio County by Federalist Caucus.

Published: 1809

Full Title: To the citizens of Ohio County. We have lately seen a handbill which has for some rime been privately circulated among the friends of Mr. Jackson … Charles Hammond, Noah Zane, and George Miller. Monday April 3d, 1809.

Author: Federalist Caucus of Ohio County.

Place Issued: Wheeling

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 45 cm. x 28 cm. (broadside).


The signers respond herein to a non-extant handbill they claim was circulated by Republican leader William McKinley that reported their connection with the Aaron Burr conspiracy of the summer of 1806, as well as their open support for foreign policy initiatives that favored Great Britain; in response, they attacked McKinley character and attempt to refute the charges of pro-British inclinations; McKinley replied in kind that August (1809.074). Sheet lacks colophon; both Swem and Hummel ascribe this to a Wheeling press, which would make this a title issued by Alexander Armstrong, then the only printer there; however, it is more than possible that this broadside issued from the Pittsburgh press of Ephraim Pentland, as was the case with an earlier Republican handbill, carrying a Wheeling dateline and signed by McKinley, among others, in support of Congressman John G. Jackson's reelection that year (1809.072); hence, this item is recorded in this Index to conform with Swem and Hummel, though with some uncertainty as to its origin.

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