1809.070: Virginia & North Carolina Almanack for 1810 (Somervell & Conrad).

Published: 1809

Full Title: The Virginia & North Carolina Almanack for the year of our Lord 1810: being the second after bissextile or leap year. Adapted to the latitude and meridian of Petersburg.

Author: -----

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Somervell & Conrad

Description: [36 pgs.]


Imprint states: "Published by Somervill [sic] & Conrad." In previous years, the firm had its annual almanac printed in Richmond by Seaton Grantland; his removal to Georgia evidently led to their employing another non-Petersburg printer to produce this edition for them, as evinced by the unfamiliarity seen with the misspelled name of the title page; however, no other evidence has been found to determine where this item was printed and by whom.

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