1809.061: Mr. Bayard's Speech concerning Resolution offered by Mr. Giles.

Published: 1809

Full Title: Mr. Bayard's speech upon his motion to amend the resolution offered by Mr. Giles ... Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Tuesday, February 14, 1809.

Author: Bayard, James A. (1767-1815).

Place Issued: Martinsburg

Issuing Press: John Alburtis

Description: 20 pgs.


The effects of the Embargo Act of 1807 were an overarching concern in the session after its adoption; in the face of sentiment for its repeal, incoming president and then secretary of state James Madison offered a stop-gap replacement that would satisfy the repeal-minded members of Congress while continuing to exert some pressure on France and Great Britain over their continuing restraint of American maritime commerce; when that bill reached the Senate, under the sponsorship of William Branch Giles of Virginia, the Delaware Federalist Bayard offered an amendment that would remove all limits on American trade, regardless of the military situation in Europe or on the Atlantic; Bayard's efforts were in vain, as the bill became law on March 1, 1809, as "An act to interdict the commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France, and their dependencies; and for other purposes" (Chap. XXIV of the Acts of the First Session of the Tenth Congress). Imprint lacks title page; in the first two pages, the unnamed publisher offers approbation for Bayard's speech; that commentary carries a colophon that identifies the press and location; Alburtis then employs a caption title at the head of the text reporting the speech [p. 3].

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