1809.041: Letters by Colonel John Taylor of Caroline to Thomas Ritchie.

Published: 1809

Full Title: A pamphlet, containing a series of letters, written by Colonel John Taylor, of Caroline, to Thomas Ritchie, editor of the "Enquirer" ....Richmond, in consequence of an unwarrantable attack made by that editor upon Colonel Taylor.

Author: Taylor, John (1753-1824).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Edward C. Stanard

Description: 50 pgs.; 16 cm. (12mo).


Foreword by Stanard reports that Ritchie had maligned Taylor in September 1808 for his support of James Monroe over James Madison as Jefferson's successor; Ritchie then declined to publish Taylor's response; Stanard was conducting the Spirit of Seventy-Six in Richmond then, originally a Monroe campaign paper; in March & April 1809, he opened the pages of his paper to Taylor for this set of seven letters assailing both Madison's supporters and Ritchie's censorship of Republican perspectives differing from those of the Madisonians. His pamphlet established a long-term relationship between Taylor and Stanard which resulted in Taylor's publication of his "Arator" letters in Stanard's Spirit of Seventy-Six after that paper moved to Washington in December 1809.

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