1809.031: New Theory of the Diurnal Rotation of the Earth.

Published: 1809

Full Title: A new theory of the diurnal rotation of the earth; demonstrated upon mathematical principles, from the properties of the cycloid and epi-cycloid. With an application of the theory to the explanation of the various phenomena of the winds, tides, and of those stony and metallic concretions have fallen from heaven upon the surface of the earth. By John Wood, author of the Elements of Perspective, printed in London in 1799

Author: Wood, John (1775-1822).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: 94 pgs.; 21 cm. (8vo).


Imprint states: "Richmond: Printed at the Enquirer Office." The Enquirer was published by Thomas Ritchie, so the attribution here.

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