1809.021: Letter of April 29th from Secretary of War to Governor of Virginia.

Published: 1809

Full Title: Circular. His Excellency the Governor of Virginia, War Department, 29th April, 1809. Sir, I am directed by the President of the United States to inform your Excellency that the detachment of 10,198 Militia, made in pursuance of a communication to your Excellency from this Department, bearing date the 29th of October, 1808, is no longer required ... William Eustis, Secretary for the Department of War.

Author: Eustis, William (1753-1825), secretary of war.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.; 25 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


Eustis replaced Henry Dearborn (1751-1829) as secretary of war. on March 7, 1809, as part of the transition from Jefferson's to Madison's administration; Madison cancelled the call issued by Jefferson the previous fall after the 1807 Embargo Act was repealed that January. Only known copy, held by the Virginia Historical Society, lacks colophon; Swem did not see any copy of this item, so recorded a generic title from payment to Pleasants authorized on May 9, 1809 by the Council of State for printing the copies needed; title here from imprint.

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