1808.092: General Statement on Manufacturing at the Penitentiary.

Published: 1808

Full Title: General statement, shewing the cost of articles bought by the agent for manufacture in the penitentiary, of tools and machinery for carrying on the factories, cost of rations, etc. Also the amount of manufactured articles delivered the agents, and work manufactured for the commonwealth, between the 1st day of December, 1807 and the 30th November, 1808, as well as the stock on hand and the amount charged the U. S. for the support of their prisoners during the aforesaid period.

Author: Virginia. State Penitentiary.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 2 pgs.; 32 cm. (fol.).


On the second day of the Assembly session (December 6tj), the House established select committees to investigate the operations of the Manufactory of Arms and the manufacturing operations at the state penitentiary; the latter committee was charged with considering two reports on the penitentiary attending Gov. Cabell's annual address (1808.089 & 1808.090); later, they also received this accounting statement from keeper Abraham Douglass. Title lacks imprint; printing such items was the responsibility of the public printer, then Samuel Pleasants, so the attribution here.

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