1808.024: Circular Letter to Militia Commandants.

Published: 1808

Full Title: Circular: Richmond, April 14th, 1808. Sir, I forward you a list of officers who ... appear to hold commissions in your regiment ...

Author: Cabell, William H. (1772-1853), governor.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 4 pgs.; 23 cm. (4ro).


In the wake of the militia mobilization that followed the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair of June 1807, there was considerable confusion in the state government as to numbers of troops and units now a part of the Virginia Militia; with a revision to the Militia laws passed in February 1808 (Chap. VIII of Acts of the December 1808 Assembly), Cabell and his councilors needed better information on this subject; so this letter asks an accounting of men and officers in each unit under the command of the circular's recipient. Title lacks imprint; printing such circular letters was the responsibility of the public printer, then Samuel Pleasants, so the attribution here.

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