1807.058: Conference of Evangelical Lutheran Ministers, October 1807 [in German].

Published: 1807

Full Title: Berrichtung der Special-Conferenz der Evang. Luth. Lehrer im Staat Virginien, gehalten in Neumarket, Schenandoah Caunty, den 4ten und 5ten October, 1807. : nebst einen Anhang eines Leichen-Formulars. Zum Gebrauch der verschiedenen Gemeinden unseres Districts, wobey Todes-Fällen kein ordentlicher Lehrer kann erlangt werden.

Author: Special Conference of Evangelical Lutheran Ministers in Virginia.

Place Issued: New Market

Issuing Press: Ambrose Henkel

Description: 20 pgs.; 17 cm. (12mo).


Most catalogue entries mistranscribe the first word in the title here as "Verrichtung" rather than the actual "Berrichtung," apparently a result of the similarity of a V to a B in black-letter German type. This report is signed in print by Rev. Paul Henkel as chairman (Vorsitzer) and Wilhelm Carpenter as secretary (Schreiber); Henkel was the patriarch of the New Market family and primary sponsor of the Henkel Press..

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