1805.057: Petition seeking a second State-Chartered Bank in Richmond.

Published: 1805

Full Title: To the Honorable the legislature of Virginia. The memorial of sundry merchants, traders, farmers, and other citizens of the commonwealth, sheweth: That whereas the public voice has called for the establishment of a bank, and the legislature have thought proper not only to reserve a great interest and controul in that which has been established, but to create public responsibility ...

Author: Sundry inhabitants of Richmond.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; (broadside, printed in three columns).


The December 1805 Assembly was inundated with petitions related to the Bank of Virginia that it had chartered during its preceding session; this petition asked for the creation of a second state-chartered bank in the capital, arguing that the capitalization of the first did not fulfill the needs of business and commerce there; the committee considering this petition thought the request reasonable, but the whole House of Delegates rejected the petition, as well as all others concerning the Bank, while it conducted a thorough examination of the practices of several local boards appointed under the earlier act of incorporation. Item lacks colophon; Bristol assigned this to an unnamed Richmond press, which seems the most likely origin, but erroneously gave it a pre-1800 date; textual references to the "sundry memorials and petitions presented to the last session" that resulted in the Bank of Virginia clearly mark this as a petition submitted to the 1805-06 Assembly.

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