1805.051: Virginia & North Carolina Almanac for 1806 (Somervell & Conrad).

Published: 1805

Full Title: The Virginia & North Carolina Almanac, for the year of our Lord, 1806; Being the second after Leap Year. Calculated by Abraham Shoemaker.

Author: Shoemaker, Abraham, comp.

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Somervell & Conrad

Description: 48 pgs.; 18 cm. (12mo).


Actually printed in Philadelphia by John Bioren; he printed editions of this almanac that were largely identical typographically, with the exception of the title pages and last gathering, as Poulson's Town and Country Almanac for 1806 (Shaw & Shoemaker 9184) for Conrad & Co. in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburg, and Norfolk, as Virginia Planter's Almanac for 1806 (Shaw & Shoemaker 50625) for Jacob Johnson in Richmond, and this for Somervell & Conrad in Petersburg; Johnson and the Conrad brothers were long associated in several Philadelphia publishing ventures before Johnson opened his Richmond bookstore; this title appears to be a part of one such venture. This Petersburg edition varies from the Richmond one (1805.018) in a completely different title page (which is also nearly identical to that in the Philadelphia edition) and pages 41-48, which carry like materials in a different order and advertising that is specific to place of issue.

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