1805.038: Town and Country Almanack for 1806 (Cottom & Stewart).

Published: 1805

Full Title: The Town and Country Almanack for the year of our Lord, 1806. Being the 2d. after Bissextile, or Leap-Year; and the 30th of American Independence. Containing, a great variety of amusing and useful matter. The astronomical calculations, by John Alexander, of Prince-George's County, Maryland.

Author: Alexander, John.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Cottom & Stewart

Description: 36 pgs.; 18 cm. (12mo).


This title is typographically identical to the Jefferson Almanack for 1806 (1805.036) and the Virginia Almanack for 1806 (1805.037), both issued by Cottom & Stewart for bookseller John Gray, with the exception of the phrase "Town and Country" used on the title page in place of "Virginia" or "Jefferson." With the firm conducting stores in Alexandria and Fredericksburg at this time, the title reflects their effort to present a non-partisan identity to potential buyers.

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