1804.070: A State of the Revenue Tax for 1804.

Published: 1804

Full Title: A state of the revenue tax, for the year 1804. Arising on land, slaves, and other property.

Author: Virginia. Auditor of Public Accounts.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Ritchie & Worsley

Description: [10 pgs.], first sheet, 42cm. x 17 cm.; remaining sheets, 33 cm. (fol.).


First sheet is two-page summary report, signed in print: "Samuel Shepard, auditor, Auditor’s office, November 28th, 1804"; remaining four sheets are documents in support of report: [Document A]: Amount of surplus on tobacco, exported from the 1st of October. 1802 to the 1st of October, 1803; [Document B]: Amount of tax on law process, from 1st October, 1803, to 1st October, 1804; [Document C: Amount of fees received by the register, from 1st of October, 1803 to 1st October. 1804; [Document D]: Amount of expenditures charged on the revenue, 1803. List of balances, due 1st October, 1804. Only copy known extant is in the state archives at the Library of Virginia.

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