1804.049: Lorenzo's Thoughts.

Published: 1804

Full Title: Lorenzo's thoughts, on various religious opinions.

Author: Dow, Lorenzo (1777-1834).

Place Issued: Lynchburg

Issuing Press: John Weaver

Description: 64 pgs.; 15 cm. (12mo).


Dow was an itinerant Methodist preacher from Connecticut who made his first appearances in Virginia in 1804; this imprint was the first Virginia variant of his first publication, The Chain of Lorenzo, originally published in Augusta, Georgia, in 1803, issued now under its better known title of Lorenzo's Thoughts; Dow would issue more than thirty separate editions of this work over the next three decades, varying length and content over time; a second Virginia variant, comprising the second half of this title, was issued in Richmond later this same year (1804.023) to facilitate fundraising for construction of a meeting house on the Dan River in south-central Virginia.

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