1804.036: The Rainbow; First Series.

Published: 1804

Full Title: The Rainbow; first series. Originally published in the Richmond Enquirer.

Author: Ritchie, Thomas (1778-1854), et al.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Ritchie & Worsley

Description: 76 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Editorial note on page 4 is dated Richmond, Dec. 6th, 1804; that note reports that "An association was formed during the last summer, by a few gentlemen ... for the purpose of composing a series of miscellaneous essays for the Richmond Enquirer. ... These numbers, taken together in the order in which they were published, will constitute the first series of The Rainbow ... now presented by the proprietors of the Enquirer to the amateurs of literature, and to its patrons in Virginia…." No other numbers in this series were issued. The ten essays in this collection are signed pseudonymously; the copies held by the Virginia Historical Society contain manuscript lists identifying the individual writers in the collection. Contents: I. Introductory essay: On the utility of miscellaneous essays [James Ogilvie]; II. On the condition of women [no. 2] [William Wirt]; III. On politeness [Meriwether Jones]; IV. French Revolution and emperorship of Bonaparte [Skelton Jones]; V. On the American genius: pt.1 [Peyton Randolph]; VI. On the building of towns [John Brockenbrough]; VII. On the illusions of fancy [George Tucker]; VIII. Truth and eloquence: an allegory [George Hay]; IX. On the condition of women [no. 9] [John Brockenbrough]; X. On the establishment of charity schools: respectfully addressed to the good sense of the people of Virginia [Thomas Ritchie].

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