1803.070: Petition asking Amendments to Tobacco Inspection Law.

Published: 1803

Full Title: To the legislature of Virginia. Your petitioners beg leave to represent to your honorable body, that the existing tobacco law, without promoting the public good, deprives them of a profit in this article ... Your petitioners.

Author: Inhabitants of Amelia County.

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 31 cm. x 21 cm. (broadside).


Only known copy is held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia; petition was entered into the Assembly on December 10, 1803; the House journal identifies the petitioners and their residence, while text does not; this request was not included as a provision in the act regarding tobacco passed by this session (Chap. LXXX of Acts of December 1803 Assembly). Sheet lacks colophon; locale of petitioners marks this as a Petersburg imprint; the complaint, wherein the petitioners sought to reclaim substandard tobacco for their own disposition, was a common one in the state among Republican adherents against Federalist merchants; thus this title likely issued from the press of Thomas Field, but the imprint itself provides no evidence in support of that possiblility, hence the indeterminacy here.

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