1803.010: Political Truth.

Published: 1803

Full Title: Political truth; or, An examination of a law, told in plain English, concerning the laws of Virginia against gaming with sundry general observations, shewing things as they are and man as he is. By Virginius.

Author: Virginius [pseudonym].

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 40 pgs.; 17 cm. (12mo).


Imprint lacks date and press; content shows that this essay was written and published either during or after the December 1802 Assembly, as its consideration of the morality of gambling mirrors a similar discussion in the preamble to the "Act to amend the several acts heretofore made, to prevent unlawful Gaming" passed at that session (Chap. XXXV). That concurrence indicates that this title was issued in Richmond then, although the press is uncertain, hence the attributions here.

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