1802.067: Annual Message of the Governor to the Assembly (December 1802).

Published: 1802

Full Title: The Governor's letter, of the 6th of December, 1802 to the Speaker of the House of Delegates of Virginia.

Author: Monroe James (1758-1831), governor.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Meriwether Jones

Description: 24 pgs.


This was the last of Monroe's annual addresses; having completed three terms as governor (December 28, 1799 to December 11, 1802) he was then constitutional barred from serving a fourth consecutive term. Title page lacks imprint; on December 9, 1902, the House of Delegates ordered the public printer, then Meriwether Jones, to print 250 copies of Monroe's address for use of the House in its deliberations, so the attribution here.

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