1802.066: Petition asking Chancery Court move nearer Fauquier County.

Published: 1802

Full Title: To the honorable the Legislative [sic] of Virginia. The petition of ... inhabitants of the county of [blank] ...

Author: Sundry Inhabitants of Virginia.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 12 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


Petitioners sought a removal of the Superior Court of Chancery for northern Virginia nearer to their residences in Fauquier County; the Assembly rejected the request out of hand. Sheet lacks colophon; this petition was presented to the House of Delegates on December 22, 1802, by residents of Fauquier County, indicating its origin in either Fredericksburg or Alexandria, the closest press locations then; however, specific credit for place of issue and the printer responsible cannot be made with further evidence.

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