1802.061: Lessons in Elocution.

Published: 1802

Full Title: Lessons in elocution: or, A selection of pieces, in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth in reading and speaking. By William Scott. To this edition are prefixed, Elements of gesture, illustrated by four plates: and Rules for expressing, with propriety, the various passions and emotions of the mind.

Author: Scott, William (1750-1804).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: William Prichard

Description: 396 pgs. (12mo).


Scott drew the additional text from John Walker's Academic Speaker ("Elements of gesture") and James Burgh's Art of Speaking ("Rules for expressing, with propriety, the various passions and emotions of the mind"). Imprint states: "New-York: Printed for William Prichard, Richmond, Virginia, 1802." Prichard had attempted an expansion of his book-selling business into New York City in 1796; though he then returned to Richmond in financial distress in 1797, he had successfully established business relationships there that later allowed him to find less expensive printers for his self-published works, as this school book clearly shows; while not produced in Virginia, this work was contracted by a Virginia bookseller for sale in Virginia, and so is included in this Index. The copy filmed by the Early American Imprints Series has two copies of the first gathering ("Lessons in Reading") bound into the whole, so adding 12 pages to the correct page count.

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