1799.048: The Philanthropist (B).

Published: 1799

Full Title: The philanthropist: or, A good twenty-five cents worth of political love powder, for honest Adamites and Jeffersonians: with the following recommendation by George Washington. [Fourteen line letter from Washington to Weems dated Aug. 29, 1799; followed by six lines of verse] By the Rev. M.L. Weems (of Lodge No. 50), Dumfries.

Author: Weems, Mason Locke (1759-1825).

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: John & James D. Westcott

Description: 34 pgs.; 21 cm. (8vo).


A reissue of the original Alexandria edition (1799.047) with a new title page and the addition of a two-page leaf immediately thereafter of the letter of recommendation from George Washington; otherwise, the typography is identical; identified here as the "B" variant.

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