1799.021: Case Reports on Fowler v. Saunders (1798) and Goodall v. Bullock (1796).

Published: 1799

Full Title: Between, William Fowler and Susanna his wife, plaintiffs, and, Lucy Saunders, an infant, by James A Patterson, her guardian, defendent [sic], … Between Parke Goodall and John Clough, plaintiffs, and, John Bullock, the younger, defendent [sic], …

Author: Wythe, George (1726-1806), reporter.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Nicolson

Description: 28 pgs.; 19 cm. (8vo).


As with Wythe's previous publications, imprint lacks title page, apparently to simplify binding with other such reports; title above combines caption titles of the two cases reported herein. Case of Fowler v. Saunders [p. 1-11] concerned ownership of slaves given as part of a dowry; case of Goodall v. Bullock [p. 12-28] concerned payment of a debt owed Clough by Bullock. Several surviving copies have manuscript notations identifying Wythe as the case reporter; as this imprint also lacks printer credit, Nicolson is usually assigned this title on basis of his prior work for Wythe; this Index entry conforms to those attributions. Some authorities assign a date of 1796 to this title, when several other Wythe case reports were published, but 1799 is the more likely publication date given that the appeal in Fowler v. Saunders was not argued until Spring Term 1798.

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