1799.018: Address of the Minority in the Virginia Legislature.

Published: 1799

Full Title: Address of the minority of the legislatur[e] of Virginia, to their fellow citizens.

Author: Federalist Minority in the Virginia Legislature.

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: William Prentis

Description: 16 pgs.; (8vo).


A rejoinder to the Address of the General Assembly to the People of Virginia (1799.008) by the Federalist delegates in that session, disputing the constitutional arguments employed therein against the Alien & Sedition Acts; originally published in Richmond in early 1799 by Thomas Nicolson in two editions (1788.016 & 1799.017). Authorship is variously attributed to either Henry Lee or John Marshall; Marshall appears the more likely choice, given his earlier newspaper exchanges with opponents of the acts, and given the concurrent publication of Lee's Plain Truth (1799.018), a ten-point refutation of the constitutional and legal arguments against the acts; still, the author cited here best describes the collective behind text.

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