1799.002: Debates in House of Delegates on Alien and Sedition Laws.

Published: 1799

Full Title: Debates in the House of Delegates of Virginia, upon certain resolutions before the House, upon the important subject of the acts of Congress passed at their last session, commonly called, the Alien and Sedition laws.

Author: Hansford, Theodosius (1769-1824), reporter.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Nicolson

Description: 192 pgs.; 20 cm. (8vo).


A privately-produced transcript of the debates of December 13 to 21, 1798, considering the Assembly's reaction to the Alien & Sedition Acts of the preceding summer; they concluded with the adoption of the Virginia Resolution (1798.062) initially drafted by James Madison. Title page carries imprint date of 1798, consistent with the period of the legislative debates; however, Hansford did not enter the work for copyright until January 3, 1799 [p. 3], meaning that the title did not actually issue in 1798, hence the date reported here. Hansford was a lawyer from King George County who had served as a delegate in the 1792 & 1793 General Assemblies, and who would later serve as the Clerk of the Virginia Senate (1802-1824).

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