1798.046: Table of the Brethren in the Wisdom Lodge at Portsmouth (1798).

Published: 1798

Full Title: Translation. Wisdom No. 2660. Table of the brethren who compose the provincial French Lodge, under the distinctive title of Wisdom. : In the east of Portsmouth, in Virginia, state of North America. : In the epoch of St. John, 5798.

Author: Freemasons. Wisdom [Sagesse] Lodge no. 16.

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: Willett & O'Connor

Description: 10 pgs. (12mo).


An English translation of Tableau des Frères Fraternels a L’Orient de Portsmouth (1798.045), evidently issued as a part of an effort to transfer supervision of the provincial French Lodge from Paris to Richmond and the Grand Lodge of Virginia (see 1798.010). The surviving copies of this title are bound with that French-language original and continue its pagination. French Provincial freemasonry was rare in the United States, and the lodge in Portsmouth (an Orient) was evidently then the only one in Virginia; designed to serve traveling French traders and diplomats, such meetings answered to the Grand Orient of France in Paris. Copy seen by Bristol was not found for filming by the Early American Imprints Series.

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