1798.032: Subscriber Solicitation for the Marine Insurance Company.

Published: 1798

Full Title: Virginia, to wit: an act to incorporate a company of marine insurances, and other purposes, in the town of Alexandria. Passed January the 16th, 1798 ... Ludwell Lee and John Wise.

Author: Marine Insurance Company of Alexandria.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Henry Gird Jr.

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 42 cm. x 34 cm. (broadside).


Handbill dated "Alexandria, April 10, 1798," seeking underwriters for Virginia's first marine insurance company. Text presents a reprinting of the act of the December 1797 Assembly (Chap. XX) incorporating the business, which laid out the terms for its capitalization and conduct; it concludes with a notice for the initial meeting of shareholders to elect directors in May 1798, postponed from its originally planned date in March, indicative of unexpectedly slow sales of the shares required to launch the company. The notice is signed in print by the two agents employed by the seven men authorized under the act (William Hawthorne, John Gill, George Taylor, Richard Conway, Robert Townsend Hooe, Jonah Thompson, and James B. Nicholls) to raise $250,000 in capital through a sale of 12,500 shares at $20 each.

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