1796.046: Petition from Hardy and Hampshire Counties on Land Titles.

Published: 1796

Full Title: To the speaker and members of the General Assembly, the petition of the inhabitants of the counties of Hardy and Hampshire ...

Author: Inhabitants of Hardy and Hampshire Counties.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 33 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


Petition concerns land titles issued under the Fairfax land grant, which extended into the northern Shenandoah Valley from the Northern Neck. Dated in manuscript "Nov. 14, 1796" by the clerk of the House of Delegates; petition was amended to include "& Shenandoah" in manuscript in the opening line, and bears 22 signatures at the end. The only known copy is held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia. Sheet lacks printer credit; geographical location suggests either a Martinsburg or Winchester origin, but a definitive assignment cannot be made from this document alone.

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