1796.037: Address to the Freeholders of Prince William, Stafford, and Fairfax.

Published: 1796

Full Title: To the freeholders of Prince William, Stafford, and Fairfax. Fellow-citizens, My being a candidate for your suffrages at the ensuing election of an elector of the president and vice-president of the United States, has been some time known to you ...

Author: Brent, Daniel Carroll (1770-1841)

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Ellis Price

Description: [4+ pgs.]


This address was a response by Brent, an electoral-college candidate from Stafford County pledged to Jefferson, to the charges made in print by Charles Simms (1755-1819) of Stafford County, the Adams candidate who opposed him, that Jefferson had mismanaged the state government while governor during the British invasion in 1781. Brent's address was printed in its entirety in the Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette of Ellis Price on October 18, 1796, and evidently this reprint edition was also printed by Ellis, as the typography follows the setting seen in that weekly. Bristol incorrectly assigned this to a Fredericksburg press. The only known copy in the Jefferson Papers Collection at the Library of Congress lacks a third sheet (p. 5-6) where Brent's signature and Price's colophon would have been printed.

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