1796.031: Third and Last Letter from Alexander Smyth to Francis Preston.

Published: 1795

Full Title: The third and last letter from Alexander Smyth to Francis Preston. 1796.

Author: Smyth, Alexander (1765-1830).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Prichard & Davidson

Description: 46 pgs.; (8vo).


Text is dated: "Wythe County, 20th November, 1796." Here Smyth concludes his critique of Preston's performance as representative for much of southwestern Virginia in Congress, after having previously charged that Preston pursued policies that enriched himself rather than ones aiding the people who had elected him. Only two of Smyth's letters survive (the other is 1795.007), while Preston's letters are all apparently lost. Title lacks printer credit; advertisements for this title in Richmond newspapers by booksellers Prichard & Davidson report that they were "the Printers hereof," hence the attribution here. Thus the New York Public Library mistakenly attributes this to the press of Augustine Davis, as Evans does in attributing it to the press of Samuel Pleasants.

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