1794.033: Tableau des Frères Fraternels a L’Orient de Portsmouth (1794).

Published: 1794

Full Title: Tableau des F.F. [Frères Fraternels] qui composent la Loge Provinciale Française, Sous le Titre Distinctif de la Sagesse: a L’Orient de Portsmouth, en Virginie, Etat de l’Amerique Septentrionale. A l’Epoque de la St. Jean, 5794.

Author: Freemasons. Sagesse Lodge no. 16.

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: Baxter & Wilson

Description: 8 pgs.


Title translates as: "Table of Brothers Fraternal which comprise the French Provincial Lodge, under the distinctive title of Wisdom: at the Portsmouth Orient, in Virginia, a State in Northern America. In the era of the St. John, 5794" [i.e. 1794]. French Provincial freemasonry was rare in the United States, and the lodge in Portsmouth (an Orient) was evidently then the only one in Virginia; designed to serve traveling French traders and diplomats, such meetings answered to the Grand Orient of France in Paris.

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