1794.023: Militia Orders concerning Uniforms.

Published: 1794

Full Title: Militia orders. It being necessary to establish an Uniform for the Militia; to regulate the proportion of men to be enlisted in the Artillery and Cavalry, Grenadier, Light Infantry and Rifle Companies, and to declare the period for completion of the said Companies, — and which points the law is silent; I have deemed it proper to do the same, and do therefore direct, ...

Author: Lee, Henry (1756-1818), governor.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Augustine Davis

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; (broadside).


Orders signed in print "Henry Lee. Attest, Samuel Coleman, for Simon Morgan, adjutant-general. 15th of August, 1794." Text details the style of uniform for officers and enlisted in each mentioned element of the Virginia militia, as Lee was empowered by the act passed by the Assembly as part of the 1792 Revisal of the Laws (1794.00x) regulating the state militia. Sheet lacks printer credit; printing such circular letters was a responsibility of the public printer, then Augustine Davis, so the attribution here.

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