1792.027: Memorial of inhabitants of Augusta County.

Published: 1792

Full Title: Memorial: we the undersigned, inhabitants of [blank] ... petition ... [for] ascertaining the sense of the people ... whether there shall be a convention ...

Author: Inhabitants of Augusta County

Place Issued: Staunton

Issuing Press: William Throckmorton

Description: 1 sheet [1pg.]; 38 cm. (broadside).


Sheet lacks printer credit; copy recorded by Hummel has manuscript completion of blank as: "Augusta County." Entered for consideration by the Assembly on October 4, 1792, a date that corresponds with that of the arrival of William Throckmorton's press in Staunton; hence the attribution here. This petition is the first of many emanating from the Virginia counties west of the Blue Ridge seeking conventions to alter the state constitution's apportionment of representatives in favor of population and not by counties.

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